Monday, January 18, 2010

fratacular - the show

In the coming months I plan on doing much wirting. I've created the idea of a half-hour comedy called fratacular. The whole premise of the show would be documenting in fictional ways the shenanigans from my fraternity. As I lived there for three and a half years, I have more episodes from actual events than the show could use in 10 years.
Actually, I'd like the show to be a eight year endeavor to see how the torch of the fraternity is passed down from generation of fraternity men to an entire new generation.
The comedy style of the show would be "The Office, Family Guy, and Scrubs" meets Fraternity life.

The humor would be dry, awkward, improved, low-budget, but, the whole thing will work with the writing, acting, and directing. I know some professional actors, film editors, cinematic photographers, & people that want a part in film production.
The show ideally will be online for the first season on it's website & YouTube. With success of season one, hopefully we will gain sponsorship from Hulu or even a major network to bring the show under true quality studio management allowing me to basically get everything I want added with a lifetime's worth of frustration and headaches with the studios.
Whether we are picked up or not is really not the grand purpose of this experiment. This is in fact, another one of my stupid ideas that I believe with enough work and vision can become something out of nothing. If I am able to produce one full season (13-15 episodes), and only show it on my website and YouTube, then I consider the project a success and a great use of my time.

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