Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How to Get the Job YOU Want!

For most of us, when it comes to looking for a job, we dust off our resume, add and delete items to make it current, and off to the Monster.com abyss it goes.

Isn't this brilliant? I've looked at candidates for positions and a resume tells you basically if some went to school and whether or not they are good at proofreading for typos.

I'm a law school graduate and a commerce graduate and slighty poor spelling is as useful of a way of judging a candidate as is reading someone's palm.

In fact, the best professor at Gonzaga Law, went to get a Master's in Education in addition to his law degree and can't spell worth a damn.

The point is spelllling is trivial (see what I mean). And, the idea workers don't waste time on trivial matters.

So this is how we eliminate amazing potential employees? By picking out little flaws that have no relevance to an intelligence workers' ability to perform. This is going to change very soon.

I want you, the job seeker, to take a new approach. Why not if you've applied to 100 positions to only get insurance salesperson offers?

You pick the company you want to work for. Don't even look at their job board yet. If you could work anywhere where would you want to work?

Google? Apple? Starbucks? ESPN?

If you believe in the company there is no reason why you can't get the job you want.

1a. Market research - Just like you would look through the web for hours before buying a new car, spend serious time researching everything about the company you want to work for.

1b. Knowledge - Know the names of the company execs, the company story, learn what the company does well and does poorly. Learn about the companies' competiors. Talk to current employees, ask what they like and don't like about the company. Talk to employees in different positions. Ask what customers say to the employees about their experiences. Talk to the company's customers directly. Know the financial situation of the company and be able to talk about everything. Do you recommend they go public, franchise, divest? Get you answers while documenting everything you notice.

1c. Keep going - It's easy to stop and say I have enough information,  and enough good ideas. Ask now what else is there that I'm not thinking about? Look at the companies' vendors, potential new suppliers that could help create that value that makes you worth every dollar you ask for. Think about ideas as minor as: e.g. if Starbucks has wireless charging stations, what could be better about them?

2a. Analysis - Now that you have spent hours (and I don't mean 2 or 3, I mean a work week or more) collecting information of every kind about this company ask the magic question...


2b. Better? This is essentially a way of creating efficiency or value, where current processes do not exploit the ways we know and are always learning to make the company greater profits. In the long run, only gains in productivity create real gains in wealth. See any ecomonist with a noble prize for a reference credit.

2c. Always ask: Can it be better? e.g. Does the company have a phone app? Does the phone app work the way you want?  Do they even need one?

2d. Why you have value. You know more than the CEO on how a store is being run when you are in line waiting on whatever. When you can use your intelligence to turn inefficiencies into saved costs or greater revenue, you will have earned your keep. It's that simple.

3a. Presentation - You've collected the information, analyzed it, and probably understand the company better now than many of its paid employees.  Now is the time to prepare the show. When you ask for a job it's hard for an executive to listen to the 1001 ideas you have, even if they are all amazing. It's time to ask yourself yet another question. How can I best convey everything I've learned and thought of as succinctly as possible in a way that grabs the executive's attention?

3b. Showmanship - This is a quality that allows the less talented to get better jobs because these people intuitively or through practice know how to appear more qualified than they actually are. The only point of using this tactic for our purposes is to make sure you have the complete attention of the executive and have that person on the edge of their seat wanting more. I don't recommend stripping down nude or offering the exec a joint, but you need to be novel in an inspiring way.

3c. Find the right ear. You may have the best info, analysis, ideas, and presentation, but going to pitch yourself to the wrong person in the company will be fatal. Ask yourself who is most likely to understand what I have to say. Get contact information for that person on LinkedIn or other avenues.

3d. Interview - Getting the right audience is hard, you may not receive call backs, return emails, or any other sort of response when you contact the person you need to get in front of. Where do they work? Ask for an appointment. Go down to HQ and let the exec know you are not letting go until you are heard. At some point, you'll get your audience or a restraining order. Please don't end up with the latter.

4. Money - Ask for what you want to be paid (within reason for the position) and make it non-negotiable. If you have done all the above work, an executive will know you stand out and are worth an extra $5, $10....or more per hour. If the company doesn't want to pay you what you want, they don't deserve you and they obviously do not understand talent when it literally stares them in the face.

5. Confidence - You need to take the approach without being an ass, that you believe in yourself, show your convictions, and when you get the job, the confidence you had will increase no matter how low or high it was before.

In closing, whether you get the first job you go for or not, you will have empowered yourself to get the best possible job at the next choice company you want to work for. And, you will deserve every dollar you ask for.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Back in Business and Ain't it Grand! Blog title: Hillary Will Never Be President

Dear readers,

I apologize for a year without blogs, but I was de facto censored by my former graduate school. Just because a school teaches you how to think, doesn't mean they want you to express your thoughts.

Such was my disposition. But worry not, they can't do anything to me now. After all I'm Back in Business and Ain't it Grand!

Hillary Will Never Be President
Sorry Dems, she will be the Democratic Presidential nominee, but fail to win the general election.

Don't worry, Ted Cruz won't be President either, nor will Dr. I know the law better than lawyers Carson.

Yes, the nominee will be the one word that terrifies Dems the most: Bush.

Jeb Bush is highly intelligent, maybe he was adopted?  He speaks Spanish fluently and is married to a Latina, with a mixed son, much like me. Jeb can communicate to the Latino community better than Hillary ever could. As we all know, Latinos will be the determining factor on how Florida votes. Did you forget Jeb was an enormously popular governor in that state?

Jeb is the only candidate in my opinion that can beat Hillary,  and after a McCain ass-spanking in 2008, and a creepy cyborg nominee in 2012, the Republicans want a winner more than their God, guns, and grits.

Though 41 lost to Clinton in 1992, we can attribute that to Ross Perot taking votes from 41 just like Nader did to Al Gore in 2000.

Other than being foiled by a 3rd party President Taft style, the Bush's are in general: winners.

Sure, to win a Republican primary now you have to say things that would get an average person committed.  But once the general election nominees are chosen, the real Jeb will come out and you will be surprised to hear his platform.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's past due for a female President,  and I believe Hillary would be an excellent President by recent comparisons (Bill included).

However,  I believe she is her own worst enemy in the same league as Gore & Romney.

We'll see if I'm on my way to being a political pundent, or just spewing filth like Chris Matthews.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Movies Reviews: Muppets: Most Wanted, Noah, The Grand Budapest Hotel & Divergent

Movie Reviews

Muppets: Most Wanted
What a joy it is that the Muppets have been reborn with the last 2 movies. This edition has a great transition to the current plot, filled with musical numbers that will have you tapping your foot. Clean smart jokes are throughout and a fresh. The star of the show is Ty Burrell who plays a French Interpol agent. He makes Steve Martin's rendition of Inspector Clouseau look like Pauly Shore. Tina Fey is wonderful with a Russian accent, but perhaps the best part is the onslaught of cameos that only The Muppets can pull off. B+

First, I have to say that Russell Crowe is an asshole and Emma Watson is a stuck up bitch. That said, Noah wins this blog's: Best Picture out of 4. Everything you loved from Requiem For A Dream & Black Swan, comes together to bring this cinematic explosion

The Grand Budapest Hotel
So disappointed. I love Ralph Fiennes. He is one of my favorite actors. I love the director, Wes Anderson. But, I didn't love The Grand Budapest Hotel. Perhaps my expectations were too high after all the hype the movie was given based on the countless stars in the flick and success Anderson has had in previous movies. However, t
his movie was too long, too slow, awkward, and finally not nearly as funny as it could have been. Definitely a RedBoxer.

The trailers and previews caught my interest. There had been lots of buzz about the movie on the internets. And finally the Today Show, America's last bastion of exceptional hard news, gave the movie a good pump.

The movie from the previews definitely looked like this was best to be seen in IMAX, so I spent the extra $3 for the full experience.

I went into the movie with a some expectations, but not many. Let the horror begin...

1. The not so lovely protagonist, Tris, played by Shailene Woodley looks like she just got her braces off. Literally, she has the look on screen of a 16 year old girl with a little baby fat left.

2. The male protagonist, 4, yes his name is a number is played by a James Franco look a like ironically named Theo James. Despite thinking Franco was on screen half the time, James is the only actor that brings a multi-dimensional character worth watching.

3. The cinematography was blurry. In this supposed city in the middle of nowhere didn't have a director that could edit out views of the Hancock Building in Chicago.

4. There is actually a make out scene between James and Woodley that makes you so uncomfortable you almost want to call the police to prevent statutory rape.

5. The crowning achievement of this "work" is that we don't even know what divergent means or what powers it gives you. The most one can gather is it is some type of mental power, but it is never explained and when a meanie like Kate Winslet is trying to kill you for a "power" that consists of a name, but nothing else, the movie becomes asinine real fast.

There you have it. I finally got out the review!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Vladimir Hitler

It was only 7 years ago when Vladimir Putin was chosen as Person of the Year by Time Magazine. I was pissed that Al Gore didn't win. Global warming was a big deal 7 years ago when Al won the Nobel Peace Prize for his PowerPoint presentation and it seemed at the time that giving him the Person of the Year status was a good idea.

But instead, Putin took home the Person of the Year crown. This decision was made because Putin had done such a masterful job rebuilding the Russian economy from the rubble of the Soviet Union. Hasn't there been another man that was awarded Person of the Year for rebuilding an economy from the rubble of a different economy? 

Ok, the title of the blog gave it away. That was Adolf Hitler back in 1933, who as Chancellor, was named Man of the Year (Time changed 'Man' to 'Person' not too long ago. Everyone was sexist back then). Then a mere 7 years later he took Alsace and Lorraine from France. No big deal, there were ethnic Germans living there. They all wanted to be part of Germany anyway. 

So far there are absolutely no parallels between Putin's actions and Hitler's so I don't know why I'm trying to compare the two. On second thought, there might be a few coincidences:
1. Both were awarded time's top person.
2. Seven years after both were named "Person/Man of the Year," they both annexed a small piece of land to the southwest parts of their respective States and under the pretense of bringing ethnic German or Russian groups of people under the protection of the Mother country no less.
3. Both parties showed a desire to take even more neighboring sovereign country land. Hitler wanted Poland. And Putin wants eastern Ukraine.
4. Red lines were set against Hitler and now against Putin about further expansions.
5. The Allies called out Hitler when he invaded Poland. Now, will NATO do anything if Russia tries to annex part of eastern Ukraine? 

All I've heard so far is that the West/NATO/US/UN, etc. will only sanction Russia again. Is Obama Neville Chamberlain? Is Putin going to stop these land grabs? Will the U.S. be drawn into a war over the country lines on a map in eastern Europe?

The situation is not pretty. And if Putin is anything like Hitler, the more he takes, the more he'll want.

And now I can't travel to Russia or Nazi-Germany. Damn.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Party to the End . . . Last Call is Only a Few Generations Away

As the people of earth go about their daily business, the future health of our human society continues to look more and more bleak. I believe that all the factors to be described spell an inevitable demise for our race. Cheered up yet? Let's get to the details:

1. Environment. When a Chinese river starts burning because it is all essentially sewage that's a problem. When crops don't grow because of a severe drought or severe flood, that's a problem. When the temperature of the air and sea continues to rise at an accelerated rate, that's a problem. I could list environmental problems ad nauseam. So what is the solution? We don't have one. When mass destruction across the entire planet starts to occur due to the weather, it will be too late to try a quick fix. It took us all of human existence to get to the point where we polluted the entire planet to the point of no return. The environment is a lost cause. Any actions taken now will be too late, despite the magnitude of the actions to repair the earth's environment for future livable conditions. Sorry for the bad news, but it's coming and anyone with an objective analysis concerning only the planet's health would be hard pressed to show evidence to the contrary.

2. Nuclear Instability. I actually think that this is one of the least concerning reasons our society may perish. The super powers around the world (U.S,, U.K., India, China, & Russia) understand the meaning of mutually assured destruction when it comes to the idea of unleashing an arsenal of nuclear missiles. The more likely scenario is not that we trade nukes in the air with China, but that a rogue state or terrorist organization finds a way to deliver a nuclear payload that starts an international crisis, paving the way for an all out nuclear holocaust. This still seems relatively unlikely at this time.

3. Overpopulation/Limited Resources. The population of earth continues to grow and is expected to surpass 10 billion people by 2100. That may sound a long time away, but that's really only 86 years, or a lifetime for many. Clean water, electricity, oil, food, and all the other resources needed to sustain this type of global population growth is unimaginable. That's not to say we are incapable of handling it, but what happens if key resources begin to dwindle? Who is gets to be first in line to get what's left? The wealthy of course because they can afford to pay out the nose for basic services a farm hand in Nicaragua cannot. Thus leads to protests, riots, and all the other fun stuff when a society turns on its head for basic survival. It has been estimated that within 30 days without electricity all of society breaks down causing mass anarchy. Will the chaos created by a lack of essential resources plunge all of humanity into a downward spiral, or will it only affect the least capable of surviving? This is yet to be seen, but if a run on grocery stores instead of banks starts happening in America, you can forget about lunch at Sardi's everyday.

4. Politics. The biggest polluter in the world, China, has no plans to stop pumping all sorts of wonderful chemicals and poisons into our air and water. Other countries take the sustainability approach (e.g. Costa Rica). But despite what 99% of the nation states in this world do, it only takes one to wreak havoc for the rest of us. Essentially this means that the future of our society is made good only if there is essentially total compliance with environmental policies (not yet created) to prevent the environment from imploding faster than it already is. If one major player decides it doesn't want to be "clean" who is going to stop them? Nobody. Not to mention that the speed of politics in this country has never been slower with our current Congress being the least productive in all American history. So even if the policies to help out our planet start to rumble in the corners of the Capital building, it could be decades before any meaningful action is taken if ever.

5. Faceless Greed. The only person these days that seems concerned with helping the poor is the Pope. And he has been strongly criticized by the American plutocrats. As long as there is money to be made today at tomorrow's expense, no changes to our current capitalist run society will occur. Our society is essentially like Social Security, we borrow today and worry tomorrow about paying back what we borrowed. Unlike Social Security, we are borrowing from the planet and have no intention to pay it back, leaving the planet bankrupt. Can you kick a dead horse? Yes, but it won't make the corpse jump up and start tilling ground again. The endless greed for more, is probably the most dangerous problems facing our society. We've all read about the revolutions of the past which were precipitated by the rich starving the poor to death (e.g. The French Revolution). As we have seen recently in Egypt and other parts of the middle-east, a revolution doesn't make things perfect as soon as a leader is deposed. Many times, the people become even worse due to the new management that may be even more inept and greedy than the management that was just kicked out the door.

So there you have it, B's recipe for the end of civilization as we know it. We have a couple or more generations to go before the dominoes start to fall. But they are at the tipping point. So if you're young, congratulations, you may be the last generation on earth not to experience the collapse of human society, if you're old, you really don't have to worry about anything. So drink, eat, play, and know that all the problems of the world will fall to our descendants who will generously pick up the unpayable tab for us, whether they want to or not.