Saturday, November 26, 2016

President Obama Where are You? The Dakota Access Pipeline DAPL is Your Greatest Dissapointment

There has been for the better part of this year a stand off between the Dakota Standing Rock Tribe and Energy Trust Partners that are hell bent on running a pipeline under the Missouri River,  potentially compromising Dakota drinking water sources and destroying sacred land.

President Obama has issued no policy statement regarding the standoff. He has done nothing to stem the violence against protestors.

Mr. Obama vetoed the Keystone XL Pipeline once state legislators, state courts, Federal administrative agencies and Federal courts failed to stop the pipeline. The President tried to remain on the sidelines, hoping bureaucracy outside of The White House would serve the interests of The White House. Despite trying to pass the buck, the President could not stay silent and was forced to act.

How is Standing Rock DAPL any different from the Keystone XL Pipeline? It actually appears on the face that the Keystone XL is safer, but the emissions from tar sands would be horrific.

Is the President only concerned about emissions and not the people that are affected by the infrastructure of pipelines? I have no idea.

He is a lame duck; he has nothing to lose. No interest group is banking on legislation this late in his Presidency. Why then the inaction?

Is the President beholden even at this stage in his Presidency to Energy Trust Partners?

The President even addressed the Standing Rock Dakota as he was a first term President, vowing to heal the broken promises of the past, and create a unified future.

The ACLU which has been an ardent supporter of marginalized peoples, has done little more than beg for change. There have been no Federal filings asking for an injunction.

The EPA did not override the Army Corps of Engineers approving the pipeline which is their right by Federal regulations.

All in all, it looks like a very sad end for the Standing Rock Dakota. If Mr. Obama fails to act before January 20th, a newly sworn in President Trump will be the last source of the tribes' salvation.

One of the saddest stories out of America this year.

The Recreation Society

What required all the daily attention and effort of our ancestors will soon be conquered. By this I mean obligatory physical and mental labor needed for survival. Simply put, humans within two generations (by 2050, without question) will be able to continue living higher standards of life while not working.

The government will subsidize a large if not the entirety of the citizens' livelihood. Yes, the government will give you money to live in a society no longer capable of supporting the full labor force.

You will be able to play golf, eat, drink, and not really worry about money in general.  Pick up the piano, learn a new language or travel the world. All of this will be subsidized by our government (within reason); extravagance may not be a part of subsidized life, but all of the necessities to live a full and happy life will be provided to those unable to find a wage paying job.

In the past, throughout all of human history to this point, jobs destroyed by increases in the sophistication of machines, and information technology have been offset by new, higher skilled jobs, which in their adolescence were incapable of being filled by technology only; these new higher skilled jobs required human labor.

We as a country are still producing good jobs that in their novelty require human labor. However for the first time in humanity, rapidly advancing technology will replace all jobs faster than the best labor of our society can retrain to work at higher skilled jobs.

This is essentially a singularity. At some point in our lifetime, machines, robots, software, automatons, A. I., software, or just call it technology will replace effectively all jobs that require paid human labor.

Of course, there are jobs that for certain circumstances, are more likely to stick around a longer time. Legally, robots can't represent people in court, even if the robots could argue circles around a human attorney.

Commission based sales jobs are more likely to require human capital. It would be a cultural stretch for our generation to learn to negotiate big business deals talking to a computer.

However, robots will soon be able to do perhaps everything that humans can do, and better. This would allow those people with investment capital to continue to prosper, but those with no investment capital will no longer be able to trade their only asset, their labor capital for investment capital (in the form of wages), as there will be no demand for human labor.

Once robotics and computing are robust enough to provide goods and services to all people with no human labor requirements, humans may finally use this opportunity to better the species, the planet, and our future, rather than spend time in pursuit of material possessions.

Yes, we are progressing towards a Star Trek like society where money is useless. Imagine in 25 years if we are stealing intelligence from each other instead of money.

One thing is certain, our current society is not producing enough middle class income jobs to balance the decrease of middle class jobs lost to technology.

The transition from a capitalist economy to a recreational economy will not be easy, but it will be the only way to prevent a humanitarian social disaster when the human labor force is entirely replaced by artificial means.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Trump v. Clinton: What to fear most about both candidates

I believe nearly all of Americans have great fears about the future of this country depending if 'your' candidate for President in this 2016 election wins or loses. And America's agreements about politics probably ends there.

I have great fears about both candidates as well. These are rational fears based on what Hillary and Donald have said, believe, or done. So examine both candidates' dark side with me.

Let's start with The Donald.

Donald J. Trump - GREATEST FEAR: Global Warning

It has historically not been big business that cares about the environment. Donald is also cheap despite how rich he may or may not be. He has said he believes global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. I don't think he believes that. I think Donald knows global warming is happening, but he just doesn't care about the issue, nor will he help. Trump will only make global warming worse.

I believe this issue will bring humanity to the crossroads before 2050, meaning our children are beyond hope if we, the millenials can't get this right. Having Donald J. Trump in the White House won't ensure the crisis is unstoppable, but surely it will be harder to solve this problem for good. By solving the problem for good, I mean by that the world goes carbon neutral or negative with a Trump Presidency in the mix.

This issue is the only issue that is serious enough for me to even consider voting for Hillary.

Hillary Rodham Clinton - GREATEST FEAR: War with Russia

Hillary has been trashing Russia the entire campaign. Whether she is doing this because she really dislikes Russia or because it is politically popular is questionable, I believe both are factors in her anti-Russian rhetoric.

There is no secret Putin and Hillary hate each other. Hillary also wants a 'no-fly' zone over Syria. If she lives up to her word on this it means shooting down Russian planes bombing Aleppo.

What happens when the first American or Russian jet gets shot down is not going to be pretty. My generation has no appreciation for the Cold War. We were not alive and most of us probably don't even know of this event (sad but true), or how close the Cuban Missle Crisis came to ending the world as we know it.

There was only one American pilot shot down over Cuba in the Cuban Missle Crisis and it nearly started WWIII.

Clinton has said everything, except that Russia is part of the Axis of Evil. In Russia, government officials, and journalists seem much more concerned about a 'hot war' with Russia breaking out. Whether it is a proxy war that intensifies as we have now in Syria, or a full out superpower hot war remains to be seen.

Putin has less respect for women than Donald Trump, and will not back down from Hillary for both personal ego reasons and political viability reasons. He would lose military support overnight and threaten his own existence looking weak to a woman. If anything, I believe Putin will provoke a Clinton Administration.

Will Hillary back down like Obama did after the famous 'red-line' disaster? No, Hillary has gonads that make Obama look like a eunuch.


I do not believe that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be re-elected in four years. Satan would poll higher than these two, and after four years, Satan will look like the refreshing option, re-enter Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. I'm scared about those guys as well, but we're focused on Hillary and Donald right now.

The earth can endure four more years of reckless CO2 emissions (it may not matter anyways). One hot war with Russia, and the world could be devastated overnight.

Trump is a misogynist, but so is Putin. Sadly, misogynists tend to like each other and brag about their own perverse 'locker room talk.'

Hillary is a feminist, which I respect, but Putin abhors. Misogynists and feminists do not exactly work well together.

Given the nature of the greatest threats, I believe Hillary is more of a clear and present danger to the stability of the world than Donald Trump if elected. I believe Trump is much more dangerous for this planet in terms of the next 50 years.

This becomes a game of triage where you work on the patient most likely to live first. Right now that person is sadly Donald Trump.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Canada to Build Border Wall to Stop Flood of U.S. Citizens Fleeing President Trump

November 9, 2016

Today Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada announced the construction of a wall across the entire southern border of Canada. The wall is meant to prevent tens of thousands of political refugees fleeing the United States into the Canuck country after Trump bested Clinton in the heated American presidential election last night.

"They're bringing trailers, farm animals, and impoliteness. And some I assume are not completely stupid people." Trudeau stated. He reassured Canadians that the great expense of the wall will be paid by Mexico.

When asked what Mexico has to do with a Canadian wall, Trudeau replied, "You have a good point," and then broke out a cigarette.

President-Elect Trump issued an ultimatum that Canada cease and desist from building the wall or he would sue the country for $500 Billion in a secret military tribunal created for the sole purpose of ensuring The Donald wins 'bigly.'

"What is wrong with these Canadians? Don't they know they suck at everything? They are always going on about their maple syrup. It's crap. Vermont maple syrup is the only syrup I grab for breakfast. In fact, we should probably make that Canadian stuff illegal." Said Mr. Trump.

Protesters outside Trump Tower in New York City held hand made signs saying "JUST TRY TO GRAB MY SYRUP!"

Across the Atlantic, Russian President Putin weighed in on the ongoing North American conflict. "I don't grab Canadian syrup at the grocery store. Mostly, because I have never seen a grocery store, nor have any other Russian citizens." Mr. Putin said. "We in Russia prefer Vodka to food, no need for grocery store, and definitely no need for syrup." Mr. Putin explained with a maniacal laugh.

When pressed about the proposed wall, Mr. Putin responded, "I though this whole thing was about maple syrup?"

Ex-Mexican President Vincente Fox was furious when he heard second hand that Mexico will be paying for Canada's wall. "Yo no voy a pagar para la puta pared de Los Gringos de Syrup. [I'm not going to pay for the f@cking wall for the Syrup Gringos].

Everyday Americans seemed not to care about the wall unless they are on The Donald's shit list. It is the higher profile celebrities that look to flee to Canada in herds to avoid the revenge of Don President once he takes office.

One celebrity with prior Trump scuffles came forward and asked to be named only by a pseudonym, Rose E. Dawnell, for her protection. "I hate no other man more in America than this cheese puff, and I'm a lesbian!" Ms. Dawnell stated emphatically. "I hope his hair spray can bursts into fire and burns his horse hair wig off." She added.

Hillary Clinton could not be reached for a comment. A source close to Mrs. Clinton said she had been in confined to her house in New York in a 'Tourette's like coma' in which she could not stop crying out "Weiner f@cked me! Weiner f@cked me!"

B. Michael Antler, reporting from The Twilight Zone

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Donald Trump Awarded "Asshole of the Year" by Time Magazine

In a shocker, Time Magazine gave Donald Trump the honor of "Asshole of the Year" yesterday in a black-tie ceremony at the now defunct Trump Taj Mahal.

Americans throughout the country took to the streets to protest what they believed was a rigged contest, designed only to help his presidential campaign.

"Sure every now and then The Donald says something that taken out of context could be considered offensive." A Bronx resident said protesting Trump's win. "But when you look at the field of competitors out there today, he shouldn't have even made the Top 10."

Protesters voiced their support for Bernie Sanders. "Time screwed over Bernie." A local Vermont resident said, wishing to remain anonymous, citing security concerns about the Trump Gestapo.

"Every day Bernie is trying to incite a revolution right here in America. This guy isn't just a communist bastard, but also a quasi-anarchist that commits treason every time he opens his mouth. Now that's an asshole that should have taken home this high honor."

In his acceptance speech, Trump thanked Time Magazine with the gravitas of a future Commander in Chief. "Time Magazine, I've heard your magazine sucks and I'm sure it does. I don't read it anyway. But this time you got something right. I will cherish this award for the rest of the night. This is just another example of why I'm better than Hillary. I'm a winner."

In a press conference held after the award ceremony Trump took on a barrage of tough questions. Wolf Blitzer of CNN asked Mr. Trump if he should credit anyone for helping him with this achievement. Mr. Trump responded, "First off Wolf, you have a stupid first name, it's obvious you're not a wolf, you look more like Papa Smurf. Secondly, CNN stands for the Clinton News Network. So the answer to you question brain. Next question, preferably from someone who isn't a complete loser."

Jorge Ramos then stood up and began to ask The Donald if his crude treatment of Mexicans was the show stopper that sealed his Time Magazine honor. Trump merely responded by saying, "George kiss my ass!"

Ramos then rushed the stage to try and physically steal the gold plated trophy in the shape of a large human rump. Ramos could be heard yelling, "This trophy belongs to all the people of America that are assholes, even the undocumented ones, you asshole." Trump replied simply, "Thank you for the compliment Jorge. Now get 'em out!"

Time Magazine stated that runners up included The Pope, Jonah Hill, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, Pokemon, and the entire staff of Doctor's Without Borders.

-B, for the Associated Press, New York City.